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  • A lightweight and portable petrol water pump.

  • Powered by a Hyundai 50.8cc 2-stroke recoil start petrol engine with easy starting and a high power to weight ratio.

  • Rugged outer frame and carry handle to protect the unit and make it easy to carry.

  • Capable of pumping 133L/min through the 25mm (1”) inlet and outlet.

  • Suitable for transferring clean and fresh water, with a total head of 25-30m and a suction head of 8m.

  • Compact in size, it’s ideal for storing in a garden shed, van, or workshop.

  • Covered by Hyundai's 3 year platinum warranty.
  • The HY25-2 is one of the lightest and most portable petrol water pumps on the UK market, weighing just 9.8kg it's easy to transport and store making it ideal for most domestic and professional applications. Powered by a 2-stroke recoil/pull start Hyundai 50.8cc Euro 2 petrol engine, which offers economic fuel consumption.

    This Hyundai water pump is built from high quality materials to ensure a long lasting and reliable performance. The HY25-2 is capable of transferring a 133L/min and has a 25mm / 1" inlet and outlet.

    The pump has a total head of 30m and a maximum suction head of 8m. Please see the diagram below explaining the different meanings of head when used in reference to a water pump. The ‘head’ is also referred to as ‘lift’ by some manufacturers.

    Petrol Water Pump Suction Lift Head

    Housed within a rugged open frame, with a convenient carry handle, it's easy to move and store.

    Before using your pump, make sure you have your suction hose and layflat hose ready. The suction hose is used between the water source you are looking to move and the pump, and is more sturdy and strengthened to stop it being ‘sucked’ flat while in use. The layflat hose is used on the outlet of the pump and usually sits ‘flat’- hence the name. Try to use the minimum amount of suction hose possible and place the pump as close to the water as you can.

    Simply attach the strainer (the plastic ‘cage’ included with the pump), to the end of the suction hose, which prevents debris being sucked into the pump and causing damage to the impeller. Then, using the provided collars, attach the other end of the suction hose to the inlet on the pump. Use the other collar to attach your layflat hose and run it to where you want the water to be discharged to.

    Mix your 2-Stroke oil and unleaded fuel together at a 40:1 ratio, as instructed in the manual and fill to approximately 80% full in the tank, which allows for any expansion.

    This pump is self priming, however in order to create a vacuum and start the lifting process you need to fill the pump housing with water. You can do this by filling with water through the filler cap on the top of the pump casing, then simply follow the starting procedure in the manual to begin pumping.

    In the box: HY25-2 pump, hose fitting kit, suction filter, 2-stroke fuel/oil mixing bottle, tool kit.

    All Hyundai petrol water pumps are supplied with a 3 year Hyundai platinum warranty.

    Gross Weight (kg) 9.80
    Engine Type Single cylinder, 2-stroke, air cooled
    Engine Size (cc) 50.8cc Euro 2 Emissions, 2-Stroke
    Fuel Tank (L) 0.80
    Fuel Type Unleaded petrol with 40:1 mix of 2-Stroke Semi-synthetic Oil
    Noise Level (dB) 111.00
    Maximum Power (kW) 1.8kW
    Starting Method Recoil Pull Start
    Inlet (inches / mm) 1 / 25.4
    Outlet (inches / mm) 1 / 25.4
    Maximum Flow Rate (L/min) 133.00
    Total Head (m) 25-30
    Suction Head (m) 8.00
    Dry Weight (kg) 9.80
    Boxed Dimensions L x W x H (mm)