U17-3N VHG 4 Post Canopy; Rubber Track; Variable Undercarriage

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U17-3N VHG 4 Post Canopy; Rubber Track; Variable Undercarriage

Kubota’s U17-3a incorporates zero tail swing for maximum safety and productivity, as well as Kubota’s D902-E4-BH-3EU engine to deliver powerful performance. In addition, the use of new short-pitched rubber crawlers helps to minimise vibration during travel for improved operator comfort.

Kubota’s Stage V compliant D902-E4-BH-3EU engine enables high-energy output, low vibration and low fuel consumption, while minimising exhaust emissions.

An extended dozer length optimises the distance between the dozer and the bucket, making it easier to collect soil close to the machine.

The U17-3a’s variable width track expands up to 1240mm when you need maximum stability and down to 990mm for greater manoeuvrability and easy access in narrow spaces.

A reach of up to 3840mm and maximum dig depth of 2310mm makes the U17-3a a top performer in its class.

The large, easy-access cabin features plenty of legroom, a flat floor and an adjustable suspension seat to make even long days more productive.

ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure), TOPS (Tip-Over Protective Structure),OPG (Operator Protective Guard) Level 1, and Kubota’s Anti-Theft System.

Model Standard Version ; Long Arm Version
Machine Weight (kg) 1650 ; 1700
Power (kW/hp) 11.3/ 15.3 ; 11.3/15.3
Max Speed (km/h) 2.2/4.1 ; 2.2/4.1
Max Dig Depth (mm) 2310 ; 2460
Max Reach (mm) 3840 ; 3970
Max Digging Force Arm/Bucket (kN) 8.5/15.2 ; 7.7/15.2
Aux Flow 1 27.7 l/min @ 18.6 kgf/cm2 ; 27.7 l/min @ 18.6 kgf/cm2
Aux Flow 2 N/A N/A
Overall width (mm) 990 to 1240 ; 990 to 1240
Transport height (mm) 3545 ; 3550


  • Kubota’s Stage V compliant D902-E4-BH-3EU engine is at the heart of the U17-3a, meeting all current engine emission regulations.
  • The rear bonnet, side covers and the under-seat cover open up without the need for tools for easy maintenance.
  • Rapid access to the engine oil gauge, radiator, battery, air and fuel filters, and much more.
  • Life the rubber mat and open the floor plate for easy access to under-deck hydraulics.
  • The U17-3a’s bonnet and side covers are made of steel.


  • The boom cylinder is situated above the boom for protection when breaking or dumping.
  • Movement speeds of front attachments and lifting power are well adjusted, thanks to the boom cylinder’s large-diameter rod and optimal hydraulic pressure.
  • Standard features include a pressure accumulator, hydraulic pressure checking ports, a third line hydraulic direct return for the AUX feature, a variable displacement pump, and a straight travel circuit.
  • Travel motor hoses are sited within the track frame for added protection – a unique feature for mini-excavators of this class.
  • Front cylinder hoses are routed through the boom for increased protection, extended service life and greater operator visibility.
  • Auxiliary hoses extend only to the top of the arm to protect them from potential damage during narrow-width bucket use.
  • The two-piece hose configuration on both dozer and boom cylinders reduce the amount of time needed for hose replacement.


  • With a choice of long or standard arm lengths, the versatile U17-3a enables you to achieve a long reach and impressive dig depth.
  • The adjustable track easily switches from 900m to 1240mm width for even greater stability and manoeuvrability.


  • Kubota’s zero-tail swing makes the U17-3a ensures a 360° swivel, excellent stability and smooth control, combined with superb power and efficiency, enabling superior performance even in heavy traffic areas and inside buildings.
  • The dozer lever features a 2-speed travel switch, which enables the operator to easily select between power or travel speed during levelling work, depending on the load.
  • Informative, interactive and functional. Kubota’s Intelligent Control System keeps you in tune of the U17-3a’s vital signs. It accurately displays easy-to-understand diagnostics of current working conditions and warning indicators for engine rpm and hour meter, as well as for fuel, temperature and oil levels. When filling up with fuel, the panel also
    informs the operator that the tank is nearly full, and alerts the operator when routine maintenance is due. Overall, the panel reduces excavator repair time for lower total operating costs.
  • For increased durability, bushings are included for all of the U17-3a’s pivot points on the swing bracket, as well as critical jointed points. If necessary, the bushings can be easily replaced.


  • Weight-adjustable semi suspension seat and seatbelt
  • Hydraulic pilot control levers with wrist rests.


  • ROPS (Roll-over Protective Structure, ISO3471)
  • TOPS (Tip-Over Protective Structure)
  • Kubota’s industry-leading, Thatcham-approved antitheft system is standard. Only programmed keys will enable the engine to start up. Attempting to start with an un-programmed key will activate the alarm.