TEAGLE TOP510 Topper 5 Mower

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Topper 510 : 1.78m (5'10")

? 5'10" Cut–Reinforced Rotor
? Heavy Swinging Blades
? Rugged Construction
? Semi Offset

Reinvigorate productive  growth

  • Whilst we would like grass to thrive and produce as much plant matter as possible in grazing pastures, we do not want it to go to seed. When this happens, the plant directs it’s energy away from producing the leaf towards growth of the stem and seed itself. This can happen when grass gets away from stock, or more commonly, through patchy grazing.
  • Pasture that is going to seed can be recovered and growth reinvigorated by one pass with a Pasture Topper.

Management of Weeds

  • By topping weeds prior to them going to seed their spread can be partially controlled, in particular in organic farming situations or on any farm where agrochemical use may be restricted.