SKYBIRD ROCKETS (10 per box)

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SkyBird Agricultural Bird Scaring Rockets

SkyBird rockets are the ULTIMATE DETERRENT to clear away persistent and stubborn birds for long periods.

Launched at an angle of approx. 45°, by an out-of-view operator, the unexpected loud mid-air explosion ensures non return for many hours – especially if reinforced by a second rocket set off very soon after the first.

Birds become accustomed to all conventional bird scaring equipment if regular changes are not made in location and timing. Skybird Rockets are best used, not as a substitute for other methods, but to enhance their effectiveness by introducing a new element of shock and surprise.
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Angle the launch tube (minimum 15mm diameter x 1 metre long) towards the birds; the optimum, safe angle is 60° to the ground. (DO NOT angle the launcher at less than 45° to the ground). Ensure that there is at least 200 metres (600 feet) of unobstructed ground, clear of people, buildings, trees, haystacks or other hazards.