Loncin 2KW - AS AVR Open-Framed Generator

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Loncin 2KW - AS AVR Open-Framed Generator

Compact and reliable, this generator is powerful enough to run lights, a small fridge, a fan a microwave oven or a TV, and is ideal for leisure use, for camping or caravanning being portable and sturdy. Also ideal for powering some DIY, gardening and workshop tools* and as an emergency power source.

Loncin is a brand that aims to create powerful, dependable units with lower carbon emissions and good fuel economy as well as good design and build quality.
The engine is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled model with net power of 5.5H and displacement of 196cc, with a rated output of 2.00KW and a max’ output of 2.2kw. It has OHV (Overhead Valve) technology for smoother running and reliable economic performance.

Cost effective and designed for easy storage and use, the weight is a manageable 43kg and strong, powder-coated, steel safety bars protect the engine and fuel tank, making it safe to move around. The dimensions are L59, W43 and H465cm so storage is very easy as it has a small footprint, and the square frame makes it easy to store in garages, cupboards, sheds and lockers.
It comes with two 16amp sockets and an automatic voltage regulation system that is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to stabilise the voltage flow for an even and regular supply.

The fuel tank has a generous 18 litre capacity and a maximum long running time of fifteen hours can be achieved from a full tank. This is ideal if you need to run something overnight or for long hours. The starting system is a simple and easy to use recoil chord pull which utilises a transistorized magneto ignition system for reliability. The battery is maintenance free and reliable. If you are considering using this generator with sensitive equipment, it is highly advisable to use it in conjunction with a good surge protector.

* NB Never place a petrol generator inside a building or a tent, and it is worth remembering that all electrical products will have their power usage listed on a plate or label. With most small power tools like drills their listed wattage is exactly the power they need to run. This is also true of many domestic items like central heating pumps, lights, and DVD recorders, but items with induction type motors, such some pumps, refrigerators, compressors and pressure washers typically require more, perhaps 2 to 3.5 times their listed running watts to start and then use a lower wattage to run.


  1. Powerful generator for back up or leisure use
  2. Voltage regulated power
  3. Compact and fairly lightweight for easy use and storage
  4. Cost effective power solution
  5. Low carbon emissions for environmentally sound power
  6. Good fuel economy for lower running costs
  7. Large fuel tank for longer running time
  8. Respectable noise to power output ratio
  9. Safety bars to protect engine and fuel tank
  10. Transistorised Magneto ignition for reliability
  11. Easy pull recoil start


  • 110V & 230V,
  • 50Hz rated voltage with 16 Amp outlets;
  • 12V, 8.3A DC output;
  • automatic voltage regulation;
  • Loncin G200F petrol engine with recoil start;
  • 15 hours running time from 18 litre capacity fuel tank;
  • 590 x 475 x 460 mm;
  • 43 Kg;
  • 75 dBA noise rating.