KX080-4a2 GL: Air-conditioning cab; Rubber Tracks; Long Arm

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KX080-4a2 GL: Air-conditioning cab; Rubber Tracks; Long Arm

Absolute safety and maximum performance in all working conditions

Thanks to the new features, performance has been increased in all types of working conditions. The use of attachments is made easy and safe thanks to the lower center of gravity and more intuitive due to the two proportional and adjustable hydraulic lines.

The engine complies with the STAGE V standard, has significantly lengthened and autonomous DPF regeneration intervals for maximum efficiency. The robust and reliable Kubota engine is integrated into a contemporary and practical design that facilitates daily checks.

The KX080-4 a2 also offers a wide variety of other improvements that optimize performance and productivity such as the new travel pedals, the bolted cabin access handle for easier replacement, and the seat belt alarm for improved safety on the work site.Performance that is powerful yet clean, a design that is bold yet practical. It starts with a rugged and reliable direct injection Kubota engine with CRS and a DPF muffler. A new 2-pump load sensing system improves the overall smoothness of operations when using the front attachments.

The Kubota KX080-4a2 is designed for long hours and low maintenance. It features the latest generation Stage V Kubota engine - with CRS and DPF - that delivers high power, low emissions and cost-effective performance. There’s a host of other features designed to enhance operator comfort and boost productivity across a wide range of jobs.


Kubota’s V3307 direct-injection, turbo diesel, fully Stage V-compliant engine delivers high power and low emissions.
• Advanced engine technology means that the KX080-4a2’s turbo-diesel, direct injection V3307 engine easily meets Stage V emissions standards.
• Parts that require routine maintenance and inspection such as filters, battery, control valves, toolbox, tilting coolers, the engine oil level and V-belt are easy to access.
• The electric refuelling pump includes an auto-stop function that minimises spillage and increases safety. Filling from empty takes approximately three minutes.
• The variable speed fan drive regulates the engine fan speed according to the ambient local temperature, delivering reduced fan noise and fuel savings.
• Kubota’s Auto Idling System is fitted as standard. When control levers are left in neutral for longer than 4 seconds, the system automatically reduces the engine to idling RPM.


Kubota’s load-sensing 2-pump system ensures the correct pressures are constantly directed to the relevant areas for smoother working.
• Kubota’s load-sensing 2-pump hydraulic system improves the overall smoothness of operations when moving the front attachments simultaneously while travelling, and when operating attachments.
• Two auxiliary circuits come as standard with precise oil flow programmable for specific attachments (up to five oil flow rates) into the memory of the digital display panel. The system comes with nine pre-installed attachment icons.


The dozer blade float function, makes a clean ground surface after backfilling. And this is just one of the features that makes The Kubota KX080-4a2 so versatile.
• No need to adjust the dozer height to make a clean ground surface after backfilling. Simply travel backward along the covered ditch with the dozer in the float position to make ground finishing work fast and easy.
• Available as a mono or 2-piece boom. The 2-piece version offers a versatile working range so you can reach further, deeper and closer. It also offers a compact front swivel radius to make turning and lifting operations in tight spaces even easier.
• Short rear overhang for working in restricted spaces, while increasing versatility and stability.


An outstanding arm reach of 7.33m delivers an impressive digging force at depths up to 4.6m, enabling the operator to dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest of conditions.
• A well-balanced machine with powerful digging force works efficiently in the most difficult of conditions, with an outstanding 7.33m reach and 4.6m dig depth.
• Advanced two-speed auto-shift feature, which automatically adjusts speed and traction force depending on load size and terrain to enhance travel performance and ensure smooth operation.


High levels of comfort translate into high productivity. Enhanced legroom, a deluxe seat, air con, and easy-to-use controls all contribute to operator comfort and efficiency.
• A cab designed for comfort with wide-door easy access, easy-open gas assisted front window, large cupholder, advanced visibility mirrors, and six-vent air conditioning.
• Kubota’s high-back suspension seat reduces strain and minimises operator fatigue.
• Kubota’s Intelligent Control System LCD panel accurately displays all necessary readings at the operator’s fingertips, such as routine maintenance alerts, engine temperature and a 90-day usage register (for machine hours worked).


Built-in operational safety features as well as Roll-over Protection and Operator Protective Guard as standard.
• To ensure operator safety, the machine will only operate when the safety control lever is engaged.
• The KX080-4a2 is fitted with boom and arm anti-drop safety valves as standard. The boom valve is also a boom-lowering control device.
• The swivel negative brake locks the top frame in position when the engine is stopped, or the pilot control safety lever is raised.
• Additional top frame tie down points to ensure safe securing of the machine whilst being transported.
• The model is fitted with an overload warning buzzer.
• Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Operator Protective Guard (OPG, Top Guard Level I) as standard. Level II available as an option with Top Guard to maximise safety.
• Kubota’s industry-leading Anti-Theft system is fitted as standard. Only programmed keys will enable the engine to start up. Attempting to start with an un-programmed key will activate the alarm. Newly enhanced features include an alert to remind the operator to extract the key after operation, and an LED to alert potential thieves that the system is activated.