KX037-4 L Cab; Steel Tracks; AUX1 with proportional, Auto Idle

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KX037-4 L Cab; Steel Tracks; AUX1 with proportional, Auto Idle

Superb everyday efficiency, remarkable ease of use and compliance with industry regulations. Also featuring Kubota’s engine safe start system, a hydraulic lockout on the left-hand console, and optional safety valves for the boom, arm and dozer.
Fluorinated greenhouse gases

Reliable and powerful, Kubota’s Stage V compliant, direct injection diesel engine enables high energy output, minimal noise and vibration, minimised fuel emissions, and low fuel consumption.

The KX037-4 features a 1-pump load sensing hydraulic system that – regardless of load size – ensures a smoother operation for optimum productivity.

Any site presents challenges. The KX037-4 dozer blade is designed with a generous approach angle so that you can confidently navigate your way around obstacles.

Best in class and uncompromisingly large capacities for the machine size, the KX037-4’s variable displacement pumps and auto-shift system ensure an effortlessly smooth performance.

Spacious cab with wide entrance, plenty of legroom, adjustable deluxe suspension seat, excellent visibility and productivity-enhancing ergonomics.

As well as enjoying a range of built-in safety features, KX037-4 options include safety valves for the boom, arm, and dozer to prevent front attachments from dropping unexpectedly.

Model KX037-4
Machine Weight (kg) 3518
Power (kW/hp) 17.8/24.2
Max Speed (km/h) 4.6
Max Dig Depth (mm) 3410
Max Reach (mm) 5355
Max Digging Force Arm/Bucket (kN) 17.1/30
Aux Flow 1 61.6 l/min @ 210 kgf/cm2
Aux Flow 2 20.9 l/min @ 200 kgf/cm2
Overall width (mm) 1550
Transport height (mm) 4900

  • The Stage V compliant, reliable and powerful Kubota D1703-M-DI-E4-BH-EU1 4-cycle direct injection diesel engine provides plenty of power for digging and lifting, yet minimises noise, vibration, and fuel consumption.
  • Kubota’s Auto Idling System is fitted as standard. When control levers are left in neutral for longer than 4 seconds, the system automatically reduces the engine to idling RPM.

  • Kubota’s load-sensing 1-pump system ensures the correct pressures are constantly directed to the appropriate areas for smoother working.
  • Two auxiliary circuits come as standard with precise oil flow programmable for specific attachments (up to five oil flow rates) into the memory of the digital display panel.
  • Includes a manual third line hydraulic return.

  • The KX037-4 dozer blade offers a generous approach 32-degree angle so you can confidently navigate up ramps and over obstacles

  • Well-balanced machine with an outstanding arm reach of 5.36m, a dig depth of 3.41m, and an impressive digging force of up to 30kN enabling operators to dig faster and more efficiently.
  • The auto-shift system provides smooth automatic travel shift from high to low depending on traction effort and terrain when turning and using the dozer blade.

  • Large, spacious and comfortable cab with wide entrance, plenty of foot space and excellent working visibility.
  • Featuring an adjustable deluxe suspension seat, cup holder, wrist rest and excellent all-round working visibility plus a gas-assisted opening front window.
  • A user-friendly control layout features a front LCD display panel including Kubota’s Intelligent Control System, with easy-to-read indicators and alerts
  • Optional air-conditioning is available.

  1. To enhance safety during operation, options include safety valves for the boom, arm, and dozer to prevent front attachments from dropping unexpectedly.
  2. An optional Overload Buzzer warns of possible instability when handling heavy materials.
  3. The KX037-4 is equipped with a fuel tank buzzer that indicates how much fuel is in the tank during refilling.
  4. The swivel negative brake locks the top frame in position when the engine is stopped or the pilot control safety lever is raised.
  5. Engine Start Lockout System prevents starting when the safety lever is lowered.
  6. Includes a hydraulic lock system and a travel negative brake.
  7. Four tie-down points on the top frame let you securely tie the KX037-4 to a trailer for safer and easier transportation.
  8. Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Operator Protective Guard (OPG, Top Guard Level I) as standard.
  9. Kubota’s industry-leading, Anti-theft System is standard. Only programmed keys enable the engine to start up.