KX030-4 GL Cab; Rubber Tracks; Long Arm

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KX030-4 GL Cab; Rubber Tracks; Long Arm


When you need the ability to work in tight areas or challenging conditions the KX030-4 delivers impressive performance for its size. On the high spec model, auto-shift and proportional AUX oil flow are also available.


A powerful, Stage V compliant 24 PS E-TVCS diesel engine using Kubota’s tough, reliable and proven engineering expertise is at the heart of the KX030-4, delivering maximum power and legendary reliability.


Get the job done with continuous, high performance, high efficiency digging and dozing, thanks to two variable pumps and one gear pump.


For maximum versatility, the KX030-4’s reduced overhang and enhanced rear visibility means easier operation in confined working areas or locations where space is restricted.


An impressive digging force of up to 25.4kN, combined with a dig depth of 2.87m and a maximum reach of 4.76m enable to dig fast, deep and efficiently wherever you’re working.


Ergonomically designed, the KX030-4 features the biggest cab in its class, providing excellent visibility, for hours of comfortable working and optimum operator efficiency.


The KX030-4 is equipped with a full range of safety features as standard from ROPS/OPG to front window guard mounting points, complete with a fully opening access door and hood.

Model : KX030-4
Machine Weight (kg)  : 2790/2720
Power (kW/hp) : 17.7/24
Max Speed (km/h) : 4.5
Max Dig Depth (mm) :  2870
Max Reach (mm) :  4760
Max Digging Force Arm/Bucket (kN) :  16.2/25.4
Aux Flow 1 :  49.5 l/min @ 230 kgf/cm2
Aux Flow 2 :  18 l/min @ 200 kgf/cm2
Overall width (mm) :  1500
Transport height (mm) : 4570


  • Powered by Kubota’s tough, reliable Stage V compliant E-TVCS V1505-E4-BH-3EU diesel engine, engineered maximum power and performance whilst minimising exhaust emissions, noise and vibration.
  • A fully opening access door and hood enables easy access to the routine maintenance areas of the engine.


  • Two variable displacement pumps enable simultaneous operation of all four functions - the boom, arm, bucket and swivel - for continuous high performance digging and dozing.
  • The KX030-4 high spec model includes two auxiliary circuits as standard, with thumb operated switches providing proportional flow control for both AUX1 and AUX2 circuits.
  • Adjustable maximum oil flow on AUX1 – in the high spec model - via digital panel.
  • Features a third line hydraulic return.
  • Includes 2-piece hose for the dozer, reducing replacement time.


  • The compact, 1500mm track width delivers the stability you need to work confidently on any task, including in locations where space is restricted.
  • Four tie-down points on the top frame help to ensure safe and convenient transport to work sites.


  • The KX030-4 delivers an impressive bucket digging force of up to 25.4kN – along with a powerful and well-balanced long arm and bucket – delivers a maximum reach of 4.76m and a dig depth of up to 2.87m.
  • The auto-shift system on the high spec model delivers smooth automatic travel shift from high to low - depending on traction effort and terrain - adapting to any environment effortlessly.


  • With the biggest cab in its class, operators benefit from a generous amount of foot space, as well as a tall, wide door for easier access.
  • An extensive field of vision - including extra front and rear visibility of the ground - enures that delicate or tight tasks can be carried out effectively.
  • Cab includes a gas-assisted opening front window.
  • The KX030-4’s supremely comfortable reclining suspension seat helps you to work longer in comfort.
  • Hydraulic pilot control leavers with wrist wrests enable effortless operation
  • An intuitive control layout features a front LCD digital display panel, with Kubota’s Intelligent Control System, simple settings, easy-to-read indicators and alerts, so that operators are always aware of the excavator's functioning status.


  • Swivel negative brake locks the top frame in position when the engine is stopped or the pilot control safety lever is raised.
  • Includes an Engine Start safety system and a Hydraulic Lock System.
  • Fuel level indication buzzer.
  • 2 work lights and exterior back mirrors.
  • Front window guard mounting points when additional operator protection for attachments or anti-vandalism is required.
  • Four tie-down points are installed on the cabin for safer and easier transportation
  • Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Operator Protective Guard (OPG, Top Guard Level I) as standard.
  • Kubota’s industry-leading, Anti-Theft System is standard. Only programmed keys will enable the engine to start.