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07/08/2014 LAST UPDATED
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Kubota RTV1140CPX Innovative 3 step conversion VHT Variable Hydro Transmission High Power Diesel Engine Reliable Wet-type Disc Brakes Hydrostatic Transmission All round suspension #High_power #3_step_conversion #VHT #Suspension #Reliable #Hydrostatic

Ready for the season, the new RTV1140 offers exceptional versatility, power and all year round capability. Carrying up to 4 guns (plus dogs) comfortably, the RTV1140 is designed to work on the toughest terrains.

A powerful 3 cylinder 24.8HP engine combined with Kubota’s unique variable hydro transmission delivers excellent acceleration, optimum traction and unrivalled hill control. Whether it’s carrying guns to hauling heavy loads, the RTV1140 provides a flexible choice, converting simply in 3 easy steps to access a full cargo bed capacity.

Kubota RTV1140 CPX Utility Vehicle Download Brochure