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ISLE OF WIGHT Fixed Price Servicing Kubota Groundscare

Reputations have to be earned

Choosing a Kubota means more than ownership of exceptional machinery.

Kubota have a proud reputation, and a reputation they want to keep. All their products are engineered to an exacting standard and those standards apply throughout the business too.

Over the years Kubota have pioneered new innovations in mower and tractor design, put environmental issues at the forefront of their business and, with their dealers, have developed a superb after sales programme that is second to none.

Kubota - machinery and service you can rely on.

Kubota practicalities

Their development centre is always looking to improve the functionality and enjoyment of owning a Kubota.

As a result of this investment they have introduced engines that produce fewer harmful emissions than any other, the Glidecut system, traction sensitive 4WD mechanism and the Bi Speed turning system.

Kubota – engineering excellence for exceptional performance. 

Please note that we are appointed dealers for the Isle of Wight only. If you reside in another part of the UK, please visit www.kubota.co.uk to find your nearest dealer.